Track: leaves falling
Artist: lullatone
Album: little songs about raindrops
Plays: 42,483


Lullatone - Little Songs About Raindrops - Leaves Falling

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*prepares party popper*

*nervously shakes the party popper*

*slowly falls asleep with the party popper*

*has a wonderful night with the party popper*

*gets married to the party popper*

It’s a beautiful evening in February. My wife and I are sitting at the fireplace, when suddenly a terrible image appears on the screen of my computer.

My wife looks at me. As I look in her terrified, cardboard eyes, filled with tears, she takes a deep breath, before saying with her shivering voice “It’s what you’ve always wanted, dear. Do it.” My hands start shaking and a lone tear rolls down my cheek. “I can’t, honey. I’m not like that anymore.” “I will do it.” a small voice behind us says. As I turn around, my eyes cross with my son; our son. “You don’t have to do this, Benedict.” I say, as I hold his hands.

Ignoring what I told him, young Benedict Popper-Are Optional holds my wife’s cardboard body in one hand, and her long, beautiful string in the other. With tears in my eyes, I turn my head away. A loud pop sounds behind me and I watch in terror as I see my wife’s confetti spread across the room.

"It’s what you’ve always wanted, dad…" my son says, putting his small, cardboard hand on my shoulder. "Yes," I say, "but not like this… Never like this…"

what the actual fuck

why is there fan art

nevermind that why is their son lettuce

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Come through!

But is this not a look?

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There is no greater Guardians/Parks & Rec gif mashup than this.

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Track: We're All in This Together
Artist: Miki Shinichirou & Paku Romi
Album: Disney Koe no Dream Duet
Plays: 28,763


High School Musical’s We’re All in This Together Cover

By: Miki Shinichirou (Roy Mustang, Urahara Kisuke) and Paku Romi (Edward Elric, Hitsugaya Toushiro)

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